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Homemade and Handmade candles

My House Candles classic tin candleWe take pride in creating premium lead free scented candles. Those who burn MyHouse candles tell us time and time again that our candles always bring back pleasant memories for them. Give our candles a try and we think you'll agree that they are special.

Jack and Amy Rea started the MyHouseCandle Company in the year 2001 with the intentions of making a candle that was like no other. Jack and Amy wanted to provide a near-perfect candle that would burn level, smell great and most importantly, make each and every customer (friend) very happy and satisfied.

We have been told that the MyHouse candles bring such great memories to those who burn them. Maybe it is the memory of wonderful family holidays, or the childhood trips to visit the grandparents and the smell of something cooking in the kitchen as you walk in the front door to warm hugs. How about the time you went for a walk with that special friend on that perfect day and the smell of fresh air or honeysuckle was worth remembering.

What do you want to remember? What do you think of when you burn a MyHouse Candle? Write us and let us know: